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  • Impact Protection

    Impact Protection (57)

    The products offered in this category are designed for the protection of staff, stock and static machinery from damage by materials handling equipment and vehicles like forklift trucks. They include a wide range of high visibility impact protection barriers and guards. Damage to machinery or racking can be costly and seriously disrupt warehouse operations. Injury to personnel would have far more serious consequences. The use of heavy duty warehouse and factory barriers and bollards will make a significant contribution to site safety. There are a wide range of different products available, but they generally fall into the following categories:-
    • Modular railing systems for the protection of pedestrian walkways and machinery
    • Low level floor bars that effectively act as wheel stops
    • Racking protection barriers and guards comprising U or L profile single upright guards and end rack protection rails for shelving and pallet racking
    • Floor mounted posts or bollards for both internal and external use
    • Foam strip impact protection in a variety of profiles which provide both visual warning and safety cushioning to hard, unyielding edges and objects
    Some of the railing systems and guards can now be mounted on flexible shock absorbing polyurethane pads. These allow the rail or guard to flex up to 10° from the vertical when impacted minimising the damage to handling equipment whilst still offering the best protection.
  • Pedestrian Safety Barriers

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    Pedestrian Safety Barriers Explained

    As suppliers of Pedestrian Safety Barriers we are experts in the products helping to ensure safety of everyone in the workplace. By fully protecting walkways, entrances and exits and cordoning off restricted areas, safety barriers provide a secure environment for employees and any visitors to a building, warehouse or factory. Get in touch today to find out more. Our specialists are waiting to discuss your needs. It’s strongly advised by Health and Safety Executives that risk assessments are conducted in areas where mishaps and accidents are possible. High visibility pedestrian safety barriers are required to be installed in locations where there’s potential for injury. Securing everyone not only adheres to the relevant Health & Safety Regulations, it encourages positive company culture. Depending upon your needs both fixed and removable security barriers are available. Fixed barriers are bolted securely to the floor, consisting of impact protection railings, steel hoop guards and more. Removable options are easily portable and the perfect solution for the management of queues and directing pedestrians. Take a look at our chain stands and belt barriers for more information.   

    Heavy Duty Pedestrian Safety

    Advantage Safety Barriers are heavy duty as are our railing systems. Mounted onto flexible shock absorbing polyurethane pads, railings are given up to 10° flex from the vertical when impacted. This benefit minimises damage to handling equipment in the event of a collision. Ultimately, our heavy duty pedestrian safety barriers offer the very best protection for you and your team.
  • Traffic Management

    Traffic Management (33)

    Controlling vehicular traffic on site makes a significant contribution to safety and Advantage Safety Barriers offer equipment for a variety of traffic management tasks. The products we have selected include a range of traffic calming speed humps with different ramp angles to slow traffic to 15mph, 10mph or down to 5mph.  We have also included kerb ramps, parking wheel stops of various lengths, two and three channel cable and hose protection ramps and acrylic observation mirrors. Some of the items offered are produced from recycled materials. All the drive over products above are heavy duty and suitable for traffic up to HGV weight.
  • Pallet Gates

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  • Temporary Barriers

    Temporary Barriers (22)

    These removable and temporary barriers are designed to cordon off areas to which access is restricted or alert personnel to a short term hazard such as minor construction works or liquid spillages. Our chain posts are the ideal low cost solution and are quickly and easily put into place. They have a low centre of gravity for stability and a corrosion proof plastic construction with polyethylene chain. We offer a range of post and wall mounted retractable belt barriers designed for use in scenarios as diverse as queue guidance, industrial sites, warehouses, parking facilities and crowd control. The self-tensioning belts are easily and smoothly deployed from the cassettes with a controlled retraction. Stainless steel post and wall mounted models offer a stylish finish for office and retail use at an affordable cost. Our industrial belt barriers are available in high visibility colours and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with a magnetic fixing wall mounted option for total portability.
  • Mezzanine Safety Gates

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  • Cycle Storage

    Cycle Storage (4)

    Although the storage of bicycles is outside the main brief of this website, Advantage Safety Barriers have included these products because they offer such great value. The models featured range from single bike wall mounted racks up to double sided bike racks and stands for up to 12 bicycles accommodating tyre widths from 50 to 55mm.  The single bike rack is particularly appealing to domestic customers and is hinged to be adjustable through 180 degrees so that bicycles can be parked facing the wall or moved round to sit against it, saving space in confined areas. These bike racks have a zinc plated, hot dip galvanised or powder coated finish and are all suitable for outdoor use.  Some of the bicycle racks are delivered fully assembled and others are flat packed for easy assembly complete with fastenings and instructions. Applications include domestic bike storage, company cycle parks, public or school cycle stands.

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These spring-loaded gates move back into position to restore edge protection as soon as the pallet has been moved away from the loading area.

Mezzanine and construction fit-out specialists

More than just products

Not only do Advantage specialise in safety and security products, we are also specialists in the design and installation of mezzanine floors, storage and workplace equipment, ceilings & partitioning and commercial grade furniture.