HDPE Temporary Crowd Barrier

Temporary Barriers

These removable and temporary barriers are designed to cordon off areas to which access is restricted or alert personnel to a short term hazard such as minor construction works or liquid spillages.

Our chain posts are the ideal low cost solution and are quickly and easily put into place. They have a low centre of gravity for stability and a corrosion proof plastic construction with polyethylene chain.

We offer a range of post and wall mounted retractable belt barriers designed for use in scenarios as diverse as queue guidance, industrial sites, warehouses, parking facilities and crowd control. The self-tensioning belts are easily and smoothly deployed from the cassettes with a controlled retraction. Stainless steel post and wall mounted models offer a stylish finish for office and retail use at an affordable cost. Our industrial belt barriers are available in high visibility colours and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with a magnetic fixing wall mounted option for total portability.