Fully Welded Steel Mesh Barriers

Pedestrian Safety Barriers

The Safety Barriers and other products offered in this section are specifically selected with the protection of pedestrians and personnel in mind.  They are designed to protect walkways or cordon off areas to which access is restricted on safety grounds.

The Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that risk assessments are conducted and high visibility pedestrian and personnel safety barriers are installed at locations where there is the potential for injury to personnel on your site.

We have included both fixed barriers that are bolted to the floor and removable temporary barriers including chain stand sets and retractable belt barriers that can be easily placed in position as required.

The heavy duty and very heavy duty railing systems can be mounted on flexible shock absorbing polyurethane pads. These allow the rail to flex up to 10° from the vertical when impacted minimising the damage to handling equipment whilst still offering the best protection.