Tubular Protection Guards

Impact Protection

The products offered in this category are designed for the protection of staff, stock and static machinery from damage by materials handling equipment and vehicles like forklift trucks. They include a wide range of high visibility impact protection barriers and guards.

Damage to machinery or racking can be costly and seriously disrupt warehouse operations. Injury to personnel would have far more serious consequences. The use of heavy duty warehouse and factory barriers and bollards will make a significant contribution to site safety.

There are a wide range of different products available, but they generally fall into the following categories:-

  • Modular railing systems for the protection of pedestrian walkways and machinery
  • Low level floor bars that effectively act as wheel stops
  • Racking protection barriers and guards comprising U or L profile single upright guards and end rack protection rails for shelving and pallet racking
  • Floor mounted posts or bollards for both internal and external use
  • Foam strip impact protection in a variety of profiles which provide both visual warning and safety cushioning to hard, unyielding edges and objects

Some of the railing systems and guards can now be mounted on flexible shock absorbing polyurethane pads. These allow the rail or guard to flex up to 10° from the vertical when impacted minimising the damage to handling equipment whilst still offering the best protection.

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These spring-loaded gates move back into position to restore edge protection as soon as the pallet has been moved away from the loading area.

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