At this worrying time for all of humanity, the spread of COVID-19 has shown us how ill-prepared we are for mass societal adjustment. With challenging responses coming from all across the world, the time for consensus and agreement has never been more important. This is why having some form of extra protection in the streets is so essential. For example, at Advantage Safety Barriers we have started to consistently provide even more pedestrian safety barriers during this pandemic.

With the world needing help in retaining knowledge of the new order of things, we’re doing everything we can to raise awareness and build consensus. To do this, we are making sure to provide pedestrian safety barriers throughout the pandemic whilst retaining a focus on all safety measures. Regular and consistent washing of hands, protective equipment, and clear social distancing between staff has become our common practice on a daily basis.

Safety barriers are now a product that we need to see more than ever. As COVID-19 continues to deliver untold destruction to our normal way of life, keeping people in check with barriers has become an essential way of living. We know this is very important, as there has to be a way for pedestrians to feel 100% safe in their surroundings.

Can pedestrian safety barriers help to improve social distancing mechanisms?

Yes – in fact we are already seeing the results of our efforts in many places. We are actively installing our barriers in various high-traffic areas such as supermarkets, banks, hospitals and other essential industries. This means that we can make sure that there is a clear method for social distancing, avoiding people from either flouting rules or simply not paying close enough attention.

We know how important it is to be thorough, thoughtful, and careful during such a worrying time. This is why we have made sure that whilst we are still fitting safety barriers we don’t take any needless risks. All of our staff come with a full preparation plan in place, making sure we can work quickly, diligently, and professionally – all without taking risks with the health of our staff or the general public.

One highly sought after product during these times are chain stands. Chain stands are becoming increasingly popular during COVID-19 as they make a clear dividing line that is hard to ignore. While all of our social distancing tools are designed to make sure you can always stay on top of the situation, the use of chain barriers provides a greater reinforcement of the general message. The importance of social distancing and staying apart really cannot be focused on enough here.

pedestrian safety barriers

That’s why the utilisation of our pedestrian safety barriers during COVID-19 are essential. We think we can make a big difference in many key areas of society just now, as well as ensuring that safety and the long-term health of people does not have to become compromised or threatened.

At Advantage, then, our aim is to make sure that the public don’t have to worry about the rules. By making sure there are clear barriers in place, we make sticking to said rules easier than ever before.