Today at Advantage Safety Barriers we are looking at the benefits and advantages of pedestrian safety barriers within factories. The idea of this blog is to familiarise you with certain elements of health and safety whilst providing the relevant industry specific information. 

What are Pedestrian Barriers Used for? 

We’ll start with a quick definition. Specifically within factories, pedestrian barriers prevent underlying danger between stock, moving vehicles, racking and machinery. Factories can be highly intense environments and safety measures must be right.

Let’s assess each potential hazard and danger and look at how pedestrian safety barriers are of an advantage. 

Protecting Stock

Many factories prefer stacking products vertically in order to use up maximum space. The higher items are stacked, the more chance of a potential accident resulting in product damage and even harm to individuals. Pedestrian barriers immediately highlight to vehicle drivers that pedestrians are likely to be milling around. Imagine the cost of a collision without safety barriers in comparison to with. 

Vehicle Protection

We’ve mentioned increased security of products with safety barriers, but how about vehicles? They too require full protection within a factory setting. The benefits of a pedestrian barrier immediately takes away the risk of extensive vehicle damage. Should for example a collision occur with a standard steel barrier, the amount of shock usually results in complete write-off. The flexibility of pedestrian barriers keeps damage to a minimum. 

Pedestrian Safety

Called pedestrian safety barriers for a reason, these safety features are designed to keep workers safe in the factory. Employees in this setting are usually extremely busy all day long whilst spending the majority of their time on their feet. In addition, concentration levels need to be high at all times. Pedestrian safety barriers work well for team members. Not only do they feel secure from a company perspective, they are also given a physical aspect, helping them to remain aware of vehicles. Safety barriers in this instance add a further level of security to workers. 

Safeguard Racking

Racking is common in factories and can go from wall to ceiling in some instances. Storing products in this way means employees will be expected to work at height. The installation of a pedestrian safety barrier helps in the prevention of the ‘domino effect’ should any racking come away from the wall. Without a barrier, health and safety implications are disastrous.

It’s all about Health & Safety

Ensuring a factory has the very best security and protective measures in place tells employees how important their safety is to you as a company. Policies should be made clear for everyone to abide by with regular updates discussed. Remember, it’s better to be over-protected than under-protected.