Rack End Pallet Racking Protection

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Pallet racking often involves a sizeable capital outlay holding valuable stock.  Why wouldn’t you want to protect this from damage by forklift trucks and other handling equipment?

Danger of Racking Collapse

More importantly, the potential for racking collapse from damage incurred is a real danger to life in the workplace.

Racks are assembled from a number of components with every component performing a specific task.  Although each component is, by itself, relatively weak, assembling these components results in a remarkably strong structure capable of holding up thousands of kilograms of goods.  However, if any of these components are damaged as the result of being impacted by forklift trucks, the overall strength of the structure is significantly reduced.  If the safety factor is reduced beyond a certain point, a collapse occurs, causing a veritable avalanche of goods that can be catastrophic.

Racking is constantly subjected to outside forces and any deflection at the base, which individually may seem innocuous, can, over time, become critical.  Bays that appears to be solidly stable today, may in fact be so close to collapsing that a slight jolt may, tomorrow, bring down the whole structure.


Rack End Protection

Upright protection is vital in a warehouse situation and yet so many companies consider it an optional extra.

Racking run ends are most vulnerable and Advantage Safety Barriers offer several different solutions for protecting these areas.

One of the most popular are our fixed single rail racking end frame protectors.  These are available with ‘L’ or ‘U’ profile upright protectors and rails in a choice of lengths from 930mm up to 2430mm.

All components are UK manufactured from high quality steel.

 They are easily installed with the throughbolts provided and powder coated in high visibility orange or yellow.

Priced from £128 up to £147 for the longest rail – there really is no good reason not to take this important step towards a safer workplace and economical asset protection.