ETS Barriers Around Toilet Block 200 x 169 Heavy Duty Flex Bollard Photo 200 x 169 Traffic Line 'Flex' Heavy Duty Bollard - Sketch of Int'l Spring Small

Barriers for Your Convenience!

During a recent refurbishment at a manufacturer of timber products in Worcester, we were tasked with providing a new rest area and toilet facilities within the factory.

The project included double skin stud partitions, ceilings and drylining together with all electrics, plumbing and flooring.

The new block was located adjacent to the timber storage area and close to the roller shutter entrance.  This is an area where forklift trucks are in frequent operation.  It was therefore essential that that some form of barrier system was installed to protect both personnel and the facility itself.

The customer decided on our heavy duty flex bollards positioned to provide a protected walkway round the new facility.

These are ‘smart’ bollards that yield up to 25° when hit and then return to the original upright position.  The combination of an internal spring and an elastic polyurethane buffer absorbs the impact force (progressive force absorption).  This helps to reduce damage to both the bollard and the vehicle whilst still offering heavy duty protection.