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Pedestrian Safety Barriers - SOSPECIAL OFFERS

The people at Advantage Safety Barriers have extensive experience of the industrial workplace. We respect the importance of protecting personnel and property.

We understand the applications required by customers. We have therefore carefully selected quality, reliable, heavy duty warehouse and factory barriers and bollards. Most have been manufactured in the UK and other EU countries using high grade materials.

Our Impact Protection Barriers and Guards are the heavyweight products that offer protection to staff, stock and static machinery from damage by warehouse materials handling vehicles like forklift trucks. In this category are high visibility heavy duty steel barriers and bollards for indoor and outdoor use, vertical pipe and cable protection and racking protection barriers and guards.

We have also included a selection of foam strip impact protection profiles which provide both visual warning and safety cushioning to hard, unyielding edges and objects. Made from flexible age resistant polyurethane foam, they are inexpensive, simple to apply and yet extremely effective.

The Pedestrian Safety Products are designed to protect walkways or cordon off areas to which access is restricted on safety grounds. In this category are modular railing systems, chain stands that can be moved to provide removable temporary barriers and retractable belt barriers with the latter two also found in the Temporary Barriers product category.

Traffic Management products include traffic calming speed humps and wheel stops, heavy duty cable and hose protection, drop down parking posts and observation and traffic mirrors.

You will also see a link above for Mezzanine Pallet Gates. Advantage Safety Barriers are a part of Advantage Storage and Handling Ltd who, for many years, have been leading suppliers and installers of mezzanine floor projects in the Midlands area. We consider our mezzanine safety pallet gates are among the best available to ensure that there is never an exposed edge on a mezzanine floor when pallets are loaded.

About Us

We are an online trading division of ‘Advantage Storage & Handling Limited’ of Worcester.

Advantage Storage & Handling are one of the market leaders in the design and build of mezzanine floors throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands. Alongside our mezzanine and office projects, since 2002 we have supplied a wide range of workplace storage and handling equipment, successfully building special partnerships with many Local Authorities, Schools, Colleges and blue chip industrial environments.

We have come to realise the importance of Impact Protection Products, including Temporary Equipment, for the protection of pedestrians as well as expensive machinery, racking and columns in the workplace. At Advantage, we recognise that although many standard protection products are already available for purchase online, choices may be confusing. This is an area where quality is essential and based on our experience we have selected a core range of tried and tested products to buy online on this website.

With a combined 80 years of both onsite and technical desk support, we understand your environment and application.

Whilst most of the products on this website can be purchased in a few clicks, we are only too happy to provide advice and guidance on the product that is most suitable for your requirements.

Just call 01905 622830 to talk to one of the Advantage team.